NEWS: NERD Director Garth Lee handcrafts new animated TV spot for London Dairy

We’re excited to reveal our animated TV spot Soaring Flavours for luxury ice cream brand London Dairy, directed by Garth Lee.

Carefully crafted to showcase London Dairy’s delicious range of flavours, we produced Soaring Flavours with Director Garth Lee, for TV and online.

Garth used a mix of several animation techniques and then seamlessly stitched them together. Each scene was built in 3D using 3D renders which were then used as guides to enhance the scenes in 2D. Using lighting and geometry information from the renders, Garth was able to create large 2D scenes with the added depth and scale of a 3D environment.

To further push the specially crafted film, the subtle details on the characters were brought to life through frame-by-frame (or cell) animation. Features such as folds in the clothes, facial features, hair and hand details were all meticulously drawn frame by frame to give a very unique style.

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See more of Garth Lee’s work here.

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