NERD Says: It’s #WorldMentalHealthDay And We’re Here For You.

Mental health is something that affects each and every one of us differently, some more positively than others. To show our support of all those that may be struggling inside and outside of creative industries, we’ve compiled a list of tips from the NERD family, who’ve shared their personal experiences and triumphs in the hopes of helping others.

Tip 1: Talk

“Very often we’re silent and accumulate everything inside us, driving oneself into an emotional angle and selfishness, which denies the need for external assistance. Don’t be afraid to talk. We’re surrounded by people who love us without a trace and believe in us.Skeeva

Tip 2: Be positive

“Mental health is unpredictable. Don’t feel ashamed or confused for having contradicting emotions one day to the next, it’s important to take every day as it comes. Some days you’ll be stronger, others you’ll struggle and it’ll feel like you’re fighting a losing battle, but you WILL always push through and come out the other side. Take the positives from every day and remember each stepping stone you’ve crossed instead of the ones you haven’t, they will come. Every battle you fight makes you stronger.Connie Wood

Tip 3: Ask for advice

“I found that working in a creative industry, where subjective opinion is key, coupled with working mainly on my own can cause huge self-doubt, in both my work and my mind-set. My thoughts could get pretty dark. It took me a long time for me to open up and talk to my wife about it, as I felt keeping it in was easiest and saved bothering anyone with my problems. Once I opened up it was like a weight off my chest. She helped me reason with my issues and take small but manageable steps to tame those thoughts from growing so big in the future.”Tom Tinn-Disbury

Tip 4: Be proud

“Over time I have learnt to wear my mental health like a badge of pride. By managing it, I make sure I’m keeping it together, while falling apart.”Craig Minchington

Tip 5: Be hopeful

Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig says it all. It WILL pass. It may take years to do so, decades even, but you have to believe. You have to hope. You have to fight with everything you have, every second of the day. Don’t give up. You DO belong in this world, you just can’t see it yet.Claire Plaskow

Passage From Reasons To Stay Alive By Matt Haig Discussing His Mental Health Experiences.

What do you do if you’re struggling with your mental health?

Did you know that if you text 741741 when you are feeling depressed or suicidal, a crisis worker will text you back immediately and continue to talk with you? Many people, especially younger people, don’t like talking on the phone and would feel much more comfortable texting.

“You’re not alone; talk to someone you trust. Sharing a problem is often the first step to recovery.” Mental Health Foundation

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