Visual Representations of Everyone’s #MondayMood

If you’re not one of the people that wakes up on a Monday morning high-fiving themselves, your Monday mood might just resonate with this.

When you wake up in the morning and it hits you that once again, it’s Monday.

MindfullShay Hamias

Bear Grylls ‘Escape From Hell’Meriem Adib

When your boss asks you if that urgent piece of work you promised to get done is ready to go out:

Dolly Said No To Elvis – Heather Colbert

When 4pm hits and you’re practically falling asleep at your desk but need to power through until the end of the day:

IndieFausto Becatti

When you’re almost ready to head home, but your boss asks you to stay behind and finish the work…

Phase 1:

At The OperaJuan Pablo Zaramella

Phase 2:

Gravity’s Law – Matt McDermott

When a pitch comes in at the last minute at the end of the day and your whole team is told to stay behind:

Fall From Grace – Peter S

During your two-minute toilet break, looking in the mirror and asking yourself “Is it really still Monday?”:

Idris ElbaMeriem Adib

When your boss finally tells you to go home:

Orphans Of Ash – Peter S

When you finally arrive home into your peaceful sanctuary ready to spend the evening unwinding before you have to do it all over again tomorrow:

Gloucester Quays – Meriem Adib

And for those of you who are a rare exception to the rule:

Bose ‘Strong’ – Stewart Maclennan

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