SIGNED! 3D/CGI Director & Illustrator, Craig Minchington

We are over the moon to welcome award-winning, multidisciplinary director and illustrator Craig Minchington to the NERD roster.  Specialising in vibrant and dynamic 3D and CGI, Craig’s work (as well as his Instagram feed) is absolutely infectious.

Armed with a bold colour palette and a keen eye for design, Craig’s polished portfolio of 3D illustration, typography and high end moving image caters for the commercial to the controversial.

Nerd Productions Craig Minchington 36 Days E - Nerd Blog - Signed! 3D/Cgi Director &Amp; Illustrator, Craig Minchington

Inspired by 80’s cartoons and cult classics like Stranger Things and Jurassic Park, Craig likes to “geek out” just as much as the next computer-loving NERD, and these influences often seep into his work. He’s even taken to gardening recently to get him away from computers and screens – an obsession that, he says, has led to a healthier mind and soul.

With over 10 years’ experience in the creative industry, Craig has worked with many of the world’s biggest brands across a wide range of media including Nike, Molton Brown, Pepsi, Playstation, Tangle Teaser, Asics, Lego & BBC and has collaborated with some of the UK’s top design agencies and creatives.

Craig Minchington Undulate 3D Cgi Illustration Animation Nerd Productions - Nerd Blog - Signed! 3D/Cgi Director &Amp; Illustrator, Craig Minchington

“After talking to Milana on the phone I immediately knew NERD would be a perfect fit for me. She mentioned ‘family’ and ‘collaboration’ on several occasions, and for me, that is what representation should be about. A chance to truly be part of something, not a d*ck-swinging contest of who has the most artists on their roster. What came across was a really sincere feeling of wanting to produce great work together and she had a very clear plan on how we would move forward. After that phone call I was sold.

I am really excited by the prospect of pushing my work to the US and European markets, as well as the chance to collaborate with some of the incredible creatives already on NERDs roster. It’s like an inspirational pic n mix in there and I can’t wait to get started.” Craig Minchington

Neither can we! Welcome to the family, fellow NERD.

Nerd Productions Craig Minchington Ing Bank - Nerd Blog - Signed! 3D/Cgi Director &Amp; Illustrator, Craig Minchington

Want to see more of Craig’s work? Click here.

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