NERD Says… #WeAreEqual

What do you think of when you think of International Women’s Day? Do you think of freedom, equality, the history behind the monumental day itself?

Today marks a day of empowerment, a day to celebrate all things female – our achievements, our independence, our intellect, our strength… (should we go on?)

As a female-led production company, our core value is one of inclusion and equality represented throughout our working environment as well as through the talent that we represent. We believe in an equal playing field for all, representative of the same rights, opportunities and respect because #WeAreEqual. 

To commemorate this meaningful day, NERD have created our own hashtag ‘#WeAreEqual’ to give others a voice. For a chance for all to speak their mind and all to be heard. 

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We asked some of NERD’s female family members what they wanted to say… 

I am inspired and humbled by the incredible women, with more than just sexism to fight, who are working towards the day the female population are treated with respect because #WeAreEqual” – Heather Colbert, Animation Director

“The reality is that we have gained some ground but we have a very very long way to go. If you support equal rights then don’t be complacent, make a difference in your life. We need to each do our bit for the fair representation and treatment of women and girls all across the world. Justice isn’t a natural progression, it’s something we all have to strive towards for ourselves and others. It’s a concerted effort. Deeds not words. Because #WeAreEqual” – Meriem Adib, Live-Action Director

When I started out you would be very lucky to come across other female animators and directors, but having had the opportunity to teach animation classes, I’ve seen an amazing change in dynamic where most of my students are women. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to teach and influence the younger generation of creatives and help them grow into their own individual style, so to see such a welcomed change is a bonus. Things are changing and most definitely for the better, why? Because #WeAreEqual” – Hayley Morris, Animation Director

We want to be recognised for the quality of our work and not just because of our gender, because #WeAreEqual” – Milana Karaica, Founder

The day is coming… That day when not only a masculine orientated world will share its intrinsic primacy with a feminine energy, but also the day when the majority of women on the planet will be aware of their own inner power and will step into the outside world recognizing the urgency of their soft, wise and compassionate leadership in society because #WeAreEqual” – Maria Leal, business lead

Equality is having the same chances and choices. If you can do it, who’s to say I can’t? An opportunity together is a better opportunity because #WeAreEqual” – Lydia Kaufers, Head of Talent

“I will be grateful for the day that our gender won’t matter, and why does it? Aren’t we as females capable to be as intellectual, powerful and successful as men? More importantly, aren’t we even more powerful cohesively? With these changes come the enhancing of our society, because #WeAreEqual” – Connie Wood, Content Co-Ordinator

What do YOU want to say? Get involved, be heard and join our conversation by using the hashtag #WeAreEqual on social platforms. Remember to tag us! 

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