An Illustration Rainbow

Oh, the wonderful August weather. We definitely haven’t missed the rain! But with typically unpredictable weather, comes one of nature’s most special gifts – the rainbow. Have you spotted one yet? We were inspired to create our very own spectrum of visual vibrancy, through our talent’s illustration.

  • RED

‘Entmology’ by Billelis

“A series of personal explorations combining genetic mixology infused with a hint of pattern design.” –


’36 Days of Type “8”’ by Craig Minchington

In China, the 8 expresses the totality of the universe ? Cool, right? ?” – @nerdproductionslondon, Instagram


‘Sparkle Comes Pretty Cheap’ by Marcos Chin

“Love how the image creates story in the viewer’s head.” – @aynklodraws, Instagram


‘Pistachio Egg’ by Roman Bratschi

“This is now my favourite art of yours!” – @aeraw, Instagram

  • BLUE

‘How To Create An Ad’ by Ahmet Iltas

Which part of the process does this clip belong to? Watch the whole process in motion here.


‘Globe Torch’ by Elmaz Ekrem

The understanding of the entire universe and what’s beyond is almost unfathomable and there was always something about this concept that I found so gripping, which has never left me.” – Elmaz Ekrem, NERDy Obsessions


‘Indian Dancer’ by James Gifford

“Finally got round to finishing this in-between my working hours. Still not sure about the colours but hey… talk to the hands!” – James Gifford, Instagram

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