Our Top 5 Instagram Posts In 2019 So Far and Why We Love Them

VISUALS! It’s all about the visuals. Delving into the analytics of our Instagram account always fascinates us to understand what our audience love to see, and it’s often what you wouldn’t expect. No surprises to this list though! 

In the top spot…

Who knew sparking a debate about which gaming system is better than the other would mean landing first place in post position? Popping purples and textured layers along with a shattered Xbox controller seems to do the trick

Illustrator and Animation Director Ahmet Iltas uses bold colours and tactile shadows to bring his visionary concept to life, shining a gradient spotlight on what we’ve found to be a rather controversial piece. 

But seriously… which is better? 

View more from Ahmet Iltas.

Holding a strong second place…

What better #WednesdayWisdom than a “punny” motivational pic? 

This simple yet sweet sketch from our children’s book Illustrator Tom Tinn-Disbury was designed to lift the spirits of someone of any age, on a calm, neutral colour palette with a crafty play on words. 

Make a difference to somebody’s day… tag them, go! 

View more from Tom Tinn-Disbury.

Thriving in third!

With undeniable strength in design in this illustration, James Gifford displays a dynamic comic-book inspired drawing that just oozes heroicness through skilful “knight and steed” character design. 

Will he win the battle for likes?

View more from James Gifford.

Fantastic fourth…

Isn’t jazz a complete #MondayMood? 

Heather Colbert’s hand-crafted music video for “Bibimbap” visualises a mini Ori Dagan tapping his toes to a timeless melody against a vibrant orange background. 

The rhythm proved to be infectious!

View more from Heather Colbert.

Fabulous fifth!

True Instagram vibes. The neutral colour palette, the angled photography… Elmaz Ekrem’s stylish overhead snapshot nabbed fifth place with a cosy morning mood and a cuppa. 

Plus, the pups are kinda cute…

View more from Elmaz Ekrem.

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