International Men’s Day: A Post of Appreciation

Missed the scope on our all-time favourite creations from our male talent for International Men’s Day? Here’s a rundown.

1. Indie – Fausto Becatti for Sanlam Indie

This one’s for those who “live life on their terms.”

2. John Wick – Billelis for Lionsgate

Featuring Keanu Reeves with decorative elements inspired by the ornamental details of the Continental Hotel, metallic roses, weapons, angels of death and John’s beloved late puppy.

Poster Illustration Of Keanu Reeves For The John Wick 3 Parabellum Blockbuster Movie For International Men'S Day.

3. Misys – Shay Hamias for Finastra

Incorporating elegantly gentle, watercolour-style techniques. Kind of soothing, right?

4. Kenzo – Roman Bratschi for Kenzo

Is this really the “ultimate fashion bottle”?

Key Artwork For The Kenzo Perfume Campaign For International Men'S Day.

5. Heroic Tails – Fausto Becatti for Montego

Because who doesn’t need a bit of Labrador lovin’ in their life?

6. MS & Kids – Shay Hamias with Digitas Health & PLB Advertising

A sensitive short film designed to help raise understanding and awareness of the often-misunderstood condition that affects 2,500,000 people across the world.

7.  Goose – Light + Mathematics for Freederm

The free-est bird you’ll ever meet.  

8. Kittens – Matt McDermott for Google Play

What’s your favourite app on the Google Play store?

9. Mindfull – Shay Hamias for

The first of its kind to encourage teenage boys to talk about their mental health. Let it all out.

How did you celebrate International Men’s Day?

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